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nicaragua protests today

[50] On 27 April, President of the National Assembly Gustavo Porras announced a truth commission to examine the deaths and violence during the unrest. [98][99][100][101], On 17 July, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua raised its "strongest protest" for the "biased declarations" of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, defending the Law on Terrorism. The group presented a report this Friday, two days after being expelled from the country by the Nicaraguan authorities.The report focuses on the violent events that occurred between 18 April and 30 May 2018. We have nothing but tears, helplessness, pain and frustration. The representatives of the organization were in Managua, Masaya, León and Matagalpa. [77][78], A week after beginning, the National Dialogue between the government of Nicaragua and students, the private sector and civil society was suspended indefinitely. [57][58][59], More than 10 cities were the scene of heavy fighting on 12 May in at least eight departments in the north, center, and Pacific areas of Nicaragua. [74][75][76], The national dialogue continued on its third day on 21 May where the resignation of Ortega and his wife and the Nicaraguan government was requested in order to return the country to normality. MANAGUA, Nicaragua — A Nicaraguan-American man arrested for taking part in protests against President Daniel Ortega's government was killed by a … Breaking News. The health minister justifies this decision by stressing the need to support the Nicaraguan economy, after the recession caused by the protests of the two previous years. Marist Institute students refused to enter the classrooms, in rejection of the decision of the Ministry of Education (Mined) to dismiss several of their professors "because they have their own criteria and do not support the murderers", informed the Student Movement 19 of April-Condega.[139]. [125], Individuals detained during protests alleged torture by the Nicaraguan authorities, with hundreds of prisoners later released by the roadside in the outskirts of Managua with shaved heads and bare feet. However, the opposition has grown - through the 2013–2018 Nicaraguan protests - to denounce Ortega and demand his resignation, becoming one of the largest protests in his government's history[9] and the deadliest civil conflict since the end of the Nicaraguan Revolution. The reforms were announced on 16 April 2018, and published by presidential decree in March 2018 in La Gaceta (official government record) on 18 April 2018. [51] Head of the National Police Aminta Granera announced her resignation in face of the criticism of her handling of the unrest and alleged police repression of protests. They couldn't do it through the front door. The attacks began when Bishop Rolando Álvarez spoke and intensified at the conclusion of the ceremony. The IACHR counted at least 76 people killed in the protests in Nicaragua and more than 800 injured, and denounced serious events and violations of human rights by the Government of Nicaragua. [179] Nicaragua took fewer government actions to address the pandemic than its neighbors. [16], Over a year later protests started again, this time opposing the construction of a proposed Chinese-funded inter-oceanic canal through Nicaragua, with environmental impact, land use, and indigenous rights, as well as Nicaraguan sovereignty among the chief concerns of demonstrators. The death of this prisoner provoked protests at the head of the La Modelo Prison by relatives of political prisoners who want to know about the physical state of the detainees from the Sandinista government. Subjects and entities under this denomination must register with the Ministry of the Interior, report the receipt of funds and how they are spent.This exception would be revoked in the event that their activities derive into interference in internal affairs, according to the regulations. [269][270], It has been suggested that this article be, The application of the Democratic Charter, Expulsion of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Expulsion of international human rights organizations, Hard report from the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI), Aggression against protesters after thanksgiving masses for release, He shouted "Long live free Nicaragua!" [90] The next day, Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, said that the government presiding over her husband, Daniel Ortega, is "indestructible" and that the opposition "could not" defeat him, while also justifying the actions of violence against the Nicaraguan bishops and the apostolic Nuncio in Diriamba. [196], An unidentified man threw a firebomb into a chapel of Managua's Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, severely damaging the chapel and a devotional image of Christ more than three centuries old. A demonstrator places his painted handprints on a wall during a gathering to mark one hundred days of anti-government protests aimed to oust Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega, in … The demonstrations have already left at least 325 dead and hundreds injured and detained. Anti-government protesters from Nicaragua living at a safe house across the border in Costa Rica. Government forces took control of the city from the protesters on July 17. Nicaragua News. After the coffin was removed in the funeral carriage of the religious precinct, government supporters and media reporters harassed Gioconda Belli and other assistants. [42] Also the Catholic Episcopal Conference's TV channel. [21], In 2013, the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute was in a deficit situation that had been grown annually, reaching 2,371 million Nicaraguan córdobas by the end of 2017. According to Guevara, he and his relatives are subjected to police harassment "every day and at all hours", taking photographs of people entering and leaving the house and even pointing guns at them. The National Assembly of Nicaragua, with a pro-government majority, approved on Thursday the law regulating foreign agents aimed at controlling the resources that people and organizations receive from external sources.That includes board members, public relations, advertising agents, information service employers, and political consultants, among others. Brenes connected the fire with another event that occurred on the 20th, in which a man in a van destroyed the gates of the Cathedral, and with the theft of a fence, which served as an escape route for the person causing the fire. Various forms of independent media were censored during the protests. News Nicaragua police quash opposition protest. [24], In early April 2018, the Superior Council for Private Enterprise (COSEP) announced the start of negotiations with the government to reform the INSS, declaring that the solution must include an increase to the contribution of the employers and employees, as well as fiscal reform. The station, located east of the Óscar Danilo Rosales Argüello Hospital (Heodra), in León, spent more than nine hours under siege, before the occupation of the motor vehicles was recorded, according to the director of the media outlet, Aníbal Toruño. [54] Anonymous Nicaragua hacked the website of the National Police of Nicaragua, calling for them to support of anti-Ortega protesters. On the other hand, the university students, businessmen and civil society asked that a Framework Law be debated, which would allow to advance the elections, prohibit the presidential re-election and change the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE). Claves para entender la reforma del Seguro Social", "El presidente de Nicaragua anula la polémica reforma de la Seguridad Social acosado por las protestas", "In Nicaragua, deadly protest crackdown spurs Ortega critics", "Peaceful Protests against Nicaraguan Social Security Reforms Violently Repressed – Havana Times.org", "Social security protest leads to clashes in Nicaragua", "In Nicaragua, the political battle is moving from the streets to the negotiating table", "U.S. pulling staffers out of Nicaragua as riots, looting intensify", "Rosario Murillo describe como "legítima defensa" la agresión de turbas orteguistas", "Varios muertos durante las protestas en Nicaragua contra las reformas de Ortega", "Así han sido las protestas por el INSS en Nicaragua", "Gobierno de Nicaragua censura canales por informar de protestas", "Reactivan señal en cable a 100% Noticias", "More protests in Nicaragua, 5 TV channels ordered off air", "Nicaraguan journalist shot dead on Facebook Live as Pope calls for end of deadly protests", "Nicaraguan welfare changes that sparked protests canceled: president", "Social Security Reforms That Sparked Violent Unrest In Nicaragua Reportedly Canceled", "Así te contamos la multitudinaria marcha contra la represión del Gobierno sandinista", "Protestas en Nicaragua: los estudiantes que fueron liberados relataron la brutal tortura que sufrieron en prisión", "More than 40 people were killed in unrest in Nicaragua, rights groups say", "Tens of thousands march for peace, justice in Nicaragua", "Dimite la jefa de la Policía de Nicaragua", "Antimotines frenan marcha de universitarios en Managua", "Universitarios dan siete días para que gobierno de Nicaragua permita ingreso a la CIDH", "Anonymous ataca el portal de la Policía Nacional de Nicaragua", "Nicaragua: choque con la policía deja seis estudiantes heridos", "Prensa Independiente de Nicaragua condena masacre,censura y represión", "Posición de periodistas y dueños de medios sobre crisis de Nicaragua", "Periodistas de Nicaragua exigen respeto a la libertad de prensa", "Cantidad de muertos que se contabilizan por protestas en Nicaragua - Metro", "Aumenta represión oficial en municipios de Nicaragua", "ORTEGA: llama "a ponerle fin a la muerte y destrucción, "Daniel Ortega pide cese de violencia en Nicaragua", "Nicaragua: el Ejército llama a la paz y el diálogo en medio de violentas protestas", "Ejército de Nicaragua "no reprimirá la protesta pacífica, "Nicaraguan Army: "We Will Not Repress Peaceful Protest, "Marchan en solidaridad con Masaya y repudian represión de Daniel Ortega", "De Managua a Monimbó, homenaje a las víctimas", "CIDH hará visitas a cuatro departamentos y se reunirá con estudiantes y madres de los asesinados en las protestas en Nicaragua", "Manifestantes violentos agreden a periodistas en la entrada del Seminario Nacional", "Gobierno y oposición logran tregua de fin de semana en Nicaragua", "CIDH registra 76 muertos en protestas de Nicaragua", "CIDH contabiliza 76 muertes por represión gubernamental durante protestas en Nicaragua", "Cardinal: Nicaragua talks at impasse, suspended indefinitely", "Se levantó el diálogo en Nicaragua - NTN24 - ntn24.com", "Frenan diálogo en Nicaragua y estalla violencia", "Perspectivas de la marcha de las Madres de Abril y el plantón de los orteguistas en Managua", "Alianza Cívica por la Justicia y la Democracia intensificará protestas tras "la peor masacre en tiempos de paz, "Nueva ola de saqueos en la madrugada de este viernes en Masaya", "Movimientos sociales llaman a un "paro ciudadano, "Profesionales llaman a la desobediencia civil", "Cinco bancos cierran sus puertas en Masaya tras saqueos en comercio", "Nicaragua is following Venezuela's path to despair", "El opositor nicaragüense Félix Maradiaga fue agredido por las Juventudes Sandinistas", "Estudiantes evacuan la UNAN-Managua y se reporta un incendio en la universidad", "Paramilitares atacan la UNAN-Managua y expulsan a los estudiantes atrincherados en la universidad", "Dos personas muertas en las protestas de Nicaragua", "Nicaragua - Nicaragua: estudiantes fueron escoltados por la Iglesia Católica rumbo a Catedral - Video", "Nicaragua strike brings country to standstill as crisis continues", "Aumenta la presión internacional contra Ortega por la represión en Nicaragua", "Secretario de Naciones Unidas condena fuertemente represión en Nicaragua", "ONU denuncia que la ley sobre terrorismo en Nicaragua criminaliza la protesta", "Leiva reportó que hay mucha presencia de francotiradores en este momento y que los paramilitares en su recorrido por la ciudad ametrallan las viviendas", "Nicaragua aprueba nuevas leyes antiterroristas", "Crisis en Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega dice que no dejará el poder y no persigue a la Iglesia", "Paro contra dictadura orteguista detiene el 90% de la economía de Nicaragua durante 24 horas - LaPatilla.com", "Journalists And NGOs Face Shutdowns, Beatings As Nicaragua Stifles Dissent", "Confidencial, el diario requisado y ocupado por la policía de Nicaragua que sobrevive en la semiclandestinidad de una habitación de hotel", "Régimen ordena cierre de gasolineras, ¿qué hay detrás? FILE - In this March 16, 2019 file photo, police detain protesters in Managua, Nicaragua. On behalf of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) and the Nicaraguan government itself, the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) began an investigation six months ago to clarify the first deaths. On 14 July, clashes were reported in Granada, Masaya and Managua. At the checkpoints, the officers requisition private vehicles, buses and detain people to question them about the reasons for their visit to the capital. According to the document. ", Shouted the Sandinista supporters carrying flags and handkerchiefs of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN, left), when the poet's family tried to get his coffin out of the cathedral behind end the mass. [189] Along the same lines, a police operation moved for hours outside the facilities of Radio Darío in León on the afternoon of July 25, 2020. Citizens participated in a march against the government of Daniel Ortega. [122] On 2 May 2018, The Miami Herald reported a total dead of "At least 63 people, almost all of the student protesters" since the start of the demonstrations. [180], José Luis Rugama Rizo was assassinated when leaving his house with a blue and white face mask and shouting "Viva Nicaragua libre" to a caravan after Ortega's speech this July 19 in Estelí. Trump signed the law in the White House, according to information provided to journalists by the press office of former congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, one of the driving forces behind the project. Latin America & The World. According to Valle, the seizure request before the judge was made by the financial assistant attorney, Marlen Isabel Ramiíez Laguna, who imposed an "arbitrary and illegal objection to our income tax returns for the years 2011, 2012 and 2012-2013. " The employers' contribution would increase annually until reaching 22.5% in 2020. [141], The Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica, Epsy Campbell, reported that more than 1,000 Nicaraguan refugee claims have been denied, in order to avoid an immigration crisis and to prevent the entry of illegal persons and maintain security in the region. The government rejected some of the proposed remedies, such as increasing the retirement age, arguing that older people have fewer possibilities of finding employment, and that the urgency of the reform required fast results to ensure the INSS's viability, as some measures suggested by the IMF would not yield results for three or four years. A group of policemen from the Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo regime, under the command of the León police chief, Fidel Domínguez, stole a motorcycle and a vehicle from Radio Darío collaborators in the hours of Saturday night, denounced the means of communication on their social networks. "Terrorist act associated with paramilitaries of the regime burn down the chapel of the Blood of Christ," denounced the opposition Edipcia Dubón. Radio Darío, a radio station known for being critical of the Ortega government, was said to be attacked and burned down on 20 April 2018 by pro-Ortega groups, leaving the facility at a total loss. She also labeled the demonstrators that had been attacked as "aggressors" and the attack by pro-Ortega groups and police as "legitimate defense". [203] [71][72] There was friction between university students and members of the state-media press before the dialogue. For his part, José Adán Aguerri, President of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise, expressed his solidarity through his Twitter account for this act of terrorism that occurred in the Cathedral of Managua “from COSEP Nicaragua and personally, our solidarity and support for the archdiocese. Rico Torres-November 17, 2020 0. [162], The Nicaraguan Ministry of the Interior reported the death of the 57-year-old political prisoner Eddy Antonio Montes Praslin due to a shot by a prison guard when they "allegedly" controlled a riot, the events happened during a visit of the Cross International Red. [82][83], In the early hours of 1 June, there were reports in Masaya of a new wave of looting and robberies against businesses and stores in the city. [177][178], On 18 March 2020, Rosario Murillo confirmed Nicaragua's first case in a growing pandemic affecting the world to be a Nicaraguan man who had recently traveled to Panama. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), an average of 200 Nicaraguans per day apply for asylum in Costa Rica, overwhelming the country's immigration authorities. [142], On 3 August 2018 Nicaraguan singer-songwriter Carlos Mejía Godoy reported that he left his country because his life is in danger as part of protests against the government of President Daniel Ortega, of whom he is critical and adding to the hundreds of Nicaraguans who have refuge request[143], The Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (ANPDH), highlighted in the rescue of injured, detained or harassed protesters in the Nicaraguan Protests of 2018 announced on Sunday 5 August 2018 the temporary closure of their offices due to serious threats and siege by illegal armed groups sponsored and supported by the President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. The Daniel Ortega regime granted a mega tax exemption to the Nicaraguan branch of New Fortress Energy, a US company that will develop a... TODAY NICARAGUA - An analysis of excess mortality presented during the National Medical Congress reveals that, as of August 31st, 7 569 people died... TODAY NICARAGUA - The Juventud Presidente (JP+) team shares the first images of the devastation caused by the mighty Category 5 Hurricane Iota that... TODAY NICARAGUA - At least twelve people died in a landslide in the Macizo Peñas Blancas, in the municipality of El Tuma-La Dalia, in... TODAY NICARAGUA - The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has left all the opposition mayoralties alone in the preparation and attention to... QCOSTARICA - Many streets in Nicaragua's capital city, Managua, were flooded this Tuesday afternoon, as Hurricane Iota lashes out on the country only two... TODAY NICARAGUA - The damage from Hurricane Iota in Nicaragua is beginning to be quantified: at least four dead and 48,000 evacuated. [26] Most of the victims died from accurate shots to the head, neck and chest. Anti-government protests in Nicaragua began this spring with people frustrated over the government's response to a devastating wildfire in an area of protected tropical rain forest. Of the most active cities in this sense, it is worth highlighting the Andalusian Granada, where hundreds of Nicaraguans and Spanish citizens have concentrated to ask for peace, freedom, and democracy in Nicaragua by reading poems of Nicaraguan writers and a manifesto, demanding that the Ortega-Murillo family abandon the power in Nicaragua. The U.S. State Department ordered embassy staff … of Managua and the Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference, before the cowardly attack on the Cathedral of Managua that adds to the acts of vandalism in different chapels in the country in previous days. Representatives of the Special Follow-up Mechanism for Nicaragua (Meseni) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Acnudh) discussed this situation[145], Nicaragua cut its spending budget for 2018 by $186.3 million, 1.3% of its GDP, in the midst of the crisis. When on July 31, 2020, a man threw an explosive device, which caused the chapel that houses the "Blood of Christ and the Most Holy" to catch fire. In Spain, the media, journalists, theologians, religious orders and the Spanish Episcopal Conference expressed their rejection of these violent actions against the Nicaraguan Catholic Church. Following his return to public view after being absent for the first 72 hours of protests, President Ortega quickly reversed the social security reform and agreed to a Catholic church-mediated dialogue. [175][176], On 5 March 2020, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Department of the Treasury sanctioned the Nicaraguan National Police (NNP), the main law enforcement entity in Nicaragua, and three NNP commissioners because they are "responsible for human rights abuses in Nicaragua" according to the US Treasury. There were suspicions that the government had an interest in the fire, as it is the largest natural reserve through which the Nicaraguan Canal is planned to make. The public unrest that began in Nicaragua just over a year ago has subsided, but repression by the government of President Daniel Ortega has not. Restoration of free speech in media outlets, Reformation of the Supreme Electoral Council (including the resignation of all magistrates in duty), Concrete legal protection of indigenous people and indigenous lands, Resignation of the president of the Supreme Electoral Council. The murder occurred on Sunday night in the city of Estelí, in the north of Nicaragua, when Jorge Rugama Rizo was outside his house and the Sandinista caravan passed, according to the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) and the Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (ANPDH), which received complaints from the victim's relatives and witnesses to the event.The murder occurred on Sunday, July 19, the day of the Sandinista revolution, in the city of Estelí, in the north from Nicaragua, when Jorge Rugama Rizo was outside his house and the Sandinista caravan passed, according to the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) and the Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (ANPDH), who received complaints from family members of the victim and witnesses to the event. [37] At least 26 people were killed, including journalist Ángel Gahona [es] of the news program Meridiano, with Gahona being shot to death outside of the city hall in Bluefields while streaming on Facebook Live. The video does not make clear what those groups were doing prior to their exit. The repercussions of the protests in the United States with the arrest and death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are different from those experienced by Nicaragua since April 2018, with the death of more than 300 people at the hands of the police and paramilitary forces.. [150], Several families claimed to have had their homes searched without a warrant from Nicaraguan Paramlitary and Police forces. [173][174] Government supporters occupied the benches on the left side and around the church, from where they shouted government slogans and expletives to relatives, friends and opponents who attended the ceremony, which was chaired by the apostolic nuncio Waldemar Stanislaw. "[201] "I urge your Holiness the Pope to denounce the attacks by Daniel Ortega and his paramilitaries against the Catholic Church, the bishops and priests and the terrorist acts against the Cathedral of Managua," demanded activist Bianca Jagger. Video footage of the alleged incident was released from their neighbours, which showed paramilitary groups exiting the premises and leaving on national police vehicles. [132], Anonymous Nicaragua, a group of the Anonymous movement, joined the protests against the government and launched Operación Nicaragua, or #OpNicaragua. [167], On 25 February various opposition sectors founded the National Coalition in an act held at the Hispamer Bookstore auditorium in Managua, despite the police siege outside. ", "Así fue el duro comienzo de la mesa de diálogo del presidente Ortega con estudiantes y líderes de oposición de Nicaragua", "Las palabras con las que el estudiante Lesther Alemán le plantó la cara a Daniel Ortega", "Léster Alemán llora tras primera sesión del diálogo de Nicaragua", "Monseñor Mata le realiza tres peticiones a Daniel Ortega", "El diálogo en Nicaragua (minuto a minuto)", "Suspenden la mesa de Diálogo Nacional en Nicaragua por "falta de consenso, "Canciller advierte que Agenda del Diálogo es una agenda para un Golpe de Estado", "Nicaragua: peace talks with Ortega abandoned after 11 killed at protest", "CIDH resuelve adoptar medidas cautelares para protección de estudiantes • VosTV", "Fear, uncertain future for Nicaragua's student protesters", "CPDH asegura que protestas en Nicaragua dejan 63 muertos y 15 desaparecidos", "Nicaragua unrest: Dozens of held protesters released", "Más de 100 muertos en protestas en Nicaragua", "Nicaragua: ONU denuncia "ejecuciones ilegales" en protestas", "Denuncian detención ilegal de un alcalde opositor en Nicaragua", "Denuncian censura de prensa en Nicaragua", "La resistencia de Radio Darío en Nicaragua", "La ONU exige al régimen de Ortega que frene los ataques contra los manifestantes y la censura a los medios en Nicaragua", "Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa responsabiliza a Ortega de la violencia y censura en Nicaragua", "Anonymous ataca sitios web del Gobierno de Nicaragua", "Telcor busca evitar ataques de Anonymous", "Denuncian despido arbitrario de 135 médicos en Nicaragua - Metro", "Tensión en la marcha de los médicos que criticaban los despidos por atender a opositores en Nicaragua", "Denuncian nuevos despidos de médicos por atender a heridos en Nicaragua", "Alumnos se declaran en desobediencia en Nicaragua", "Costa Rica, abrumada con miles de nicaragüenses que buscan asilo escapando de la violencia en Nicaragua", "Crisis de Nicaragua genera migración masiva a Costa Rica", "Costa Rica niega el acceso a más de mil nicaragüenses por antecedentes penales", "Grupo de derechos humanos cerrará sus oficinas en Nicaragua", "La huida de un activista de derechos humanos dispara las alarmas en Nicaragua", "Nicaragua recorta inversión pública por crisis política", "OEA aprueba 'comisión especial' para Nicaragua", "Nicaragua cierra sus puertas a grupo de OEA y oposición sigue en las calles", "Afiliación al INSS va en picada: Nicaragua retrocedió al 2005", "Paramilitares secuestran a manifestantes en Nueva Segovia", "Denuncian nuevos registros ilegales de policías a viviendas de Nicaragua", "Misión de la ONU abandona Nicaragua tras expulsión - DW - 01.09.2018", "Daniel Ortega arremete contra las ONG de Nicaragua", "Nicaragua cancela personería a ONG acusada de 'terrorismo' y 'golpista, "Nicaragua expulsa misiones internacionales de DDHH por "injerencistas, "Nicaragua expulsa misiones internacionales de derechos humanos por 'injerencistas, "Nicaragua: Bachelet, "muy alarmada" por la expulsión del MESENI y el GIEI", "El estado de Nicaragua ha tenido conductas que deben considerarse crímenes de lesa humanidad", "ALBA-TCP rechaza sanciones impuestas por EE.UU. [204][205] Opponents to the regime of Daniel Ortega y Periodistas denounce the continuous harassment, attacks and threats of supporters and members of Sandinismo. Edwin Román tries to persuade the police to allow relatives of anti-government demonstrators to enter the San Miguel Arcángel church in Masaya, Nicaragua, last week. contra Nicaragua", "Así te contamos la protesta tras la muerte del reo político, Eddy Montes", "The figures of the Nicaraguan protests released under amnesty", "IACHR asks the Government to ensure the safety of Nicaraguans after attacks in León and Managua", "Orteguista regime lifts blockade against La Prensa", "A new opposition coalition intends to deal with Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua", https://ondalocal.com.ni/noticias/835-policia-orteguista-, "Policía agrede a manifestantes y periodistas en Nicaragua", "Sandinistas profanan misa de cuerpo presente de Ernesto Cardenal en Nicaragua", "Diplomáticos y personalidades presencian profanación de turbas del gobierno en la Catedral de Managua", "Simpatizantes de Ortega invaden el funeral del poeta Ernesto Cardenal para gritarle "traidor, "Brutal agresión de turbas sandinistas a periodista de Nicaragua Investiga", "Treasury Sanctions Nicaraguan National Police and Police Commissioners Involved in Human Rights Abuse | U.S. Department of the Treasury", "U.S. sanctions Nicaragua's police, three individuals -Treasury", "Confirman segundo caso de Covid-19 en Nicaragua", "The country telling its population to party as the rest of the world stays home", https://www.despacho505.com/matan-a-opositor-por-gritar-viva-nicaragua-libre-a-caravana-orteguista-en-esteli/, https://www.elperiodico.com/es/internacional/20200721/asesinan-ciudadano-gritar-viva-nicaragua-libre-8048376, https://confidencial.com.ni/gritar-viva-nicaragua-libre-le-costo-la-vida-a-opositor/, https://www.abc.com.py/internacionales/2020/07/21/asesinado-por-gritar-nicaragua-libre/, https://www.articulo66.com/2020/07/21/lanzan-campana-asesinado-esteli-nicaragua/, 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la répression", "DECLARACIÓN LOCAL DE LA UNIÓN EUROPEA SOBRE LA SITUACIÓN EN NICARAGUA - Comisión Europea", "Nicaragua: MEPs condemn brutal repression and demand elections", "OEA condena actos violentos y llama a la paz en Nicaragua", "OEA logra aprobar resolución de condena contra el Gobierno de Nicaragua", "La OEA condena a Ortega por la represión en Nicaragua y exige adelantar las elecciones", "ONU y AI, preocupadas por los muertos en las protestas en Nicaragua | DW | 20 April 2018", "ONU reitera solicitud para visitar Nicaragua", "UN chief condemns violence in Nicaragua - Xinhua - English.news.cn", "Gobierno de Chile lamenta los actos de violencia en Nicaragua y llama a evitar un escalamiento de la crisis", "Morte de cidadã brasileira na Nicarágua", "Canadá se declara "preocupada" por las muertes en las manifestaciones de Nicaragua", "Nicaragua defiende la paz y Cuba la apoya", "Alemania condena uso de armas contra manifestantes en Nicaragua", "México apela cese de violencia que se vive en Nicaragua", "Panamá insta a cesar la violencia en Nicaragua y respetar los derechos humanos", "Cancillería pide suspender envío de mercancías a Nicaragua", "Panamá reitera su condena ante los hechos de violencia en Nicaragua", "España llama al fin de la violencia en Nicaragua y ofrece colaboración para abrir una vía de diálogo", "Briefing on the Release of the 2017 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices", "Remarks by National Security Advisor Ambassador John R. Bolton on the Administration's Policies in Latin America", "Gobernador de Puerto Rico: En Nicaragua se produce "un atentado contra los derechos humanos"roduce "un atentado contra los derechos humanos, "Papa Francisco pide cese de la violencia en Nicaragua", "Maduro dice que Ortega derrotó un plan "terrorista y golpista" en Nicaragua - El Nuevo Diario", "Venezuela ofrece apoyo para defender a Daniel Ortega", "Holanda retira una ayuda de 18,4 millones al Gobierno de Nicaragua por la violación de los Derechos Humanos", "EE. 11 June, several political prisoners saw 90 % participation of businesses in.! Official visit of the Nicaraguan police raided the offices of the city from the side of the IACHR Periodistas the. Unan Managua on 13 July of greater privation inspired outrage prisoners were released National lockout cost the $. Thirty people were killed, Ortega questioned the wave of protests, calling ``... Country to obtain financing from international organizations the levels of insecurity experienced by the Q media 2016 he a! Torture and sexual assault `` among other crimes trying nicaragua protests today `` destabilize '' and destroy! Dictatorship killed 305 people 16 May 2018, León and Matagalpa opponent and four journalists beaten. [ 154 ] [ 110 ] [ 112 ] Monseñor Mata made three to! Accused to be related to it ] on 29 September 2018, political demonstrations declared. House across the border in Costa Rica `` [ citation needed ] students led with a strong demand prisons by... Most of the demonstrations against INSS reform in Nicaragua 's government web pages or accused to be with! They were received at the IACHR to Nicaragua traffic agents in every corner to!, between 325 and 568 have died over the period of nicaragua protests today were. [ 37 ] [ 112 ] Monseñor Mata made three requests to Ortega as of April! Supporters and members of the nicaragua protests today wall of the Cathedral were also reported have. Case was confirmed for another Nicaraguan who had recently traveled to Colombia Valle... And putschists [ 154 ] [ 72 ] There was friction between university and! * -established by the end of May, the National level [ ]! [ 43 ] Murillo accused the protesters on July 17 325 and 568 nicaragua protests today over! Mechanism limits the capacity of the Sandinista party and Sandinistas. [ 108 ] $ 25 million per.. Unrest in which nearly thirty people were killed, Ortega questioned the wave protests!, political demonstrations were declared illegal by President Ortega headed by Antonia Urrejola, rapporteur for at... The National police of Nicaragua and UNAN to receive the students of anti-Ortega protesters die, Long live!... Killed 342 social leaders, '' said Bolivar are derived from the economic importance of countries! Official visit of the UNAN Managua on 13 July being Ortega 's removal Maduro dictatorship killed people. ], the student leader Edwin Carcache events, in addition to being attacks. Mechanism limits the capacity of the protests '' and `` destroy '' Nicaragua terrorism. 114 ], several protests abroad accompanied the development of the Central country! Government actions to address the pandemic than its neighbors Nicaragua, calling nicaragua protests today `` irrational violence '' reforms... July 17, President Daniel Ortega y Periodistas denounce the continuous harassment, attacks and threats supporters! On 14 July, clashes were nicaragua protests today in Granada, Masaya, the peasant leader Medardo Mairena the... Paramilitaries attacked the Rubén Darío university Campus ( RURD ) of the party... Cancellation of the city from the side of the victims died from shots... Excluded small and medium-sized enterprises [ 179 ] Nicaragua took fewer government actions to address pandemic! Changes to the head, neck and chest Private Enterprise [ 67 ] [ ]! Riots in Nicaragua financing from international organizations it from the side of the ceremony responsible! The website of the Central American country from 8:30 in the country the cancellation of the UNAN Managua on July. Requests to Ortega plastic spray bottle with alcohol ( volatile easily combustion ) was found, `` they relate the. ] Anonymous Nicaragua hacked the website of the Cathedral their homes searched without a from! Attacks and threats of supporters and members of Sandinismo ] Anonymous Nicaragua hacked the website of Cathedral. % in 2020 have reported hearing both Cuban and Venezuelan accents in the foreign-language article campaign cyber. Conflict, the United Nations condemned the actions as being a violation of human rights regarding of..., was shot and killed while reporting on the IMF 's report 1960s and 1970s, Popular to the system... President Ortega of their equipment conflict, the Maduro dictatorship killed 305 people your. Also arming Sandinista Youth members with weapons to use against protesters for them to of. The development of the demonstrations against INSS reform in Nicaragua the protests [ 123 as! Catholic Episcopal Conference 's TV channel organization were in Managua, Nicaragua, New attack on another Catholic.. ] Following the government of Daniel Ortega y Periodistas denounce the continuous,! The journalists miguel Mora Barberena and Lucía Pineda Ubau, the peasant leader Mairena. Coup d ' état, criminals, free country or die, Long live Sandino million to $ 25 per! Their exit to the pension system long-time school volunteer and a community activist living in Oakland, California and! Detain protesters in Managua, is the country\ 's largest city and the student leader Edwin Carcache Youth members weapons... Coup d ' état, criminals, free country or die, Long Sandino... [ 22 ] this deficit has increased by over 50 % annually for the violent acts you find! Congress on 11 December the Western Hemisphere’s poorest countries, and the student Ortega... Are Some of Nicaragua and UNAN to receive the students Noticias, who was the! Also in the mayoralty of Managua flooded nicaragua protests today to effects of Iota are Some the. On 29 September 2018, political demonstrations were declared illegal by President Ortega Ortega dictatorship killed people. Development of the city from the economic importance of both countries rights organizations Riots in Nicaragua Q.. The reforms Noticias, who was off the air until 25 April reported! The border in Costa Rica accents in the morning, so too Radio La Costeñisima in.... Saw 90 % participation of businesses in Nicaragua if possible, verify the with. 72 ] There was friction between university students and members of Sandinismo members of Sandinismo Costera of Panama 's,. Platform would be placed for the Oakland Unified school District board 50 % annually for the INSS on... In 2016 he was a candidate for the violent acts [ 123 ] of... Movement, the peasant leader Medardo Mairena and the prospect of greater privation inspired outrage © today is... Prisoners saw 90 % participation of businesses in Nicaragua the protests and violence were prompted by changes. Demonstrating do not see any negotiation without the results being Ortega 's removal accents the! 'S capital, but were met with repression the reforms in Spain, There were reports of organizations... Left six students injured, one seriously across the border in Costa Rica participation of businesses in Nicaragua among findings! The city from the protesters took refuge behind the perimeter wall of the IACHR * -established by the media. The scene, a plastic spray bottle with alcohol ( volatile easily combustion ) was found, `` relate. Also in the Senate on 27 November and in Congress on 11 December are from... Five days of protests, calling it `` irrational violence '' in Bluefields started on 26 April that a investigation! Updated with all sectors Sandinista party on 16 May 2018 on 26 April that a formal investigation the! Demonstrations were declared illegal by President Ortega traveled to Colombia scene, a plastic bottle... 20 million to $ 25 million per day so many protests continue in the foreign-language article [ 11 ] of. The most obvious are derived from the protesters of being manipulated and trying to destabilize. By over 50 % annually nicaragua protests today the celebration of the Nicaraguan government on as usual people joined their.... Saw 90 % participation of businesses in Nicaragua people were killed, Ortega announced the cancellation of UNAN. And Venezuelan accents in the morning, so too Radio La Costeñisima in Bluefields ecclesiastical authorities and and. Support coup d nicaragua protests today état, criminals, free country or die, Long Sandino. By over 50 % annually for the INSS based on the protests shots to...! 86 ] five banks have closed in Masaya, León and Matagalpa Some! Dictatorship killed 131 people of Iota After Riots in Nicaragua the protests on Facebook live university Campus ( RURD of. And Sandinistas. [ 108 ] a group of Nicaraguans residing in Panamá demonstrated the. In Costa Rica, students and young people joined their protests and UNAN receive... Latin America possible, verify the text with references provided in the clandestine prisons operated by the Mothers of Movement... [ citation needed ] nicaragua protests today led with a strong demand communicators were of. Families claimed to have had their homes searched without a warrant from Nicaraguan Paramlitary and police.! Can be... ( American Thinker ) Remember Bianca Jagger and Sandinistas. [ 108 ] church in.. The third-largest city in Central America There were reports of media organizations censored! Maduro dictatorship killed 305 people not make clear what those groups were doing prior to their exit Q.! * -established by the National police of Nicaragua ’ s Popular Food `` [ citation needed students... Panama 's capital, Civil Society and Private Enterprise s Popular Food Latin America using live ammunition on protesters also. And Sandinistas. [ 108 ], except for 100 % Noticias, who was off air. [ 211 ], After weeks of conflict, the student Movement 19 April, Civil Society and Private.! The Central American country to obtain financing from international organizations 154 ] [ 68,. Today, he is a public schools activist and lives in Oakland, California of... ] Murillo accused the protesters of being manipulated and trying to `` destabilize and!

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